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Practice Limited to Endodontics and Endodontic Microsurgery

Practice Limited to Endodontics and Endodontic Microsurgery

Patient Education

Endodontics is the science of treating problems with the tissue inside the tooth. When this tissue or the tissue surrounding the tooth root is diseased or damaged due to decay or trauma, endodontic treatment typically can save the tooth. 

Although it is possible in some cases to replace an extracted tooth with an implant or bridgework, Americans have strong negative feelings about losing their natural teeth.

* In a recent AAE survey, 76 percent of participants said they would prefer a root canal to tooth extraction.

* Nearly a third would not sell a healthy front tooth for any amount of money.

* Most people are not aware that root canal treatment is a viable alternative to tooth extraction.

* Older individuals are much more likely than younger individuals to have experienced a tooth extraction.

* Women are more likely than men to have had a tooth extraction.

* More than half (58 percent) of those who have had a tooth extracted did not replace it with anything; the remainder replaced the tooth with a bridge (17 percent), dentures (12 percent) or an implant (8 percent).

* Artificial teeth can limit your ability to chew certain foods necessary to maintaining a balanced diet.


The following presentation is for your educational purposes.  Please view it by clicking here.

Additionally, for a complete series of educational videos, please visit American Association of Endodontists.